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November 26, 2013
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Jeffs POV

Soon I reached the woods with the girl on a shoulder. From the corner of my black eyes I looked to her. Why was I unable to kill her right when I could? Furthermore, she made me ask myself what her name could be... In the next moment I swiftly shook my head in disapproval. I wanted to kill that woman, yes, that's what I wanted. But... Something deep in me wanted to do it slow. Maybe it was because I wanted to watch her suffer. Yeah. I wanted to hear her shouting my name, screaming for mercy when her blood disappears more and more from her body, making the death come near to her, covering her in all of its dark sides, showing her the deepest fear she could ever imagine.
In all of my thoughts I didn't noticed that I was being watched till a masked person appeared in front of me, glancing at me with blue eyes behind his meaningless white and black mask.
I stopped walking and looked at him, slowly smirking and strengthening the grip of my female victim.
"What do you want, Masky?"
Leaving him not one moment out of my eyes he quickly ran to me, stopping just a moment before my face with such a speed that his dark brown hair was for a moment flying forward.
He looked me in the eyes, waiting a moment before he answered.
"Got company, Jeff? How strange..! Does Slender know about... What was..."
He glanced over to her and his eyes widened, seeing that it was a girl which I was carrying.
"...her name?"
She seemed to have his full attention.
"I don't know and honestly I don't care. I'm going to kill her anyways, so don't befriend with her."
He breaks out in laughter.
"Killing such a cute girl? Why did you even bring her with you then?"
I stayed silent for one moment, not sure what to say.
"That's none of your business."
And with that I walked away from him, letting him turn around to watch me walk and examine that girl.

Soon I reached the mansion of Slenderman, hoping that no one would notice that I was back. Just a step away from my room I heard a voice talking to me.
"Jeff... Who is that woman of yours...?"
Slender. I turned around and saw the tall man stand a few meters away from me, slowly coming closer and reaching a hand for her, lifting her (s/c) chin up to take a look on her face.
"That's... Just another victim." I answered turning my head away.
He then looked back away to me, seeming not to believe me.
I prepared myself to the question why she had to be here, but it didn't came.
"Good. Kill her."
I just nodded and went in my room, let the girl fall on my bed and closed the door. I went back to the bed and stared with lidless eyes down at her. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair was flowing in every direction on my bed, her eyes closed, her breathing peaceful.
Should I just kill her now? But she was sleeping... Where was the fun then?
I decided to just leave her like that and exit my room to get something to eat.

???s POV

So... Masky said Jeff had someone with him this time... Not enough, it was a girl. And I wanted to see her. Knowing he wasn't in his room I entered it. Seeing the girl laying on his bed made my eyes turn large. She was kind of cute... An evil grin creeped at my lips, watching her sleep. Maybe I should protect her from him... After all Masky said he was going to kill her. Or... Did he had different purposes for her?
Suddenly I heard footsteps coming near the room. I turned around, looking for something to hide. I chose the shelf and then he came in, his lips and hands touched by blood. He went to his bed and looked at her.
"And you are still sleeping..."
He bend down at her, striking a strand out of her face and came with his face near to hers.
I knew it. He was wanting something else!
But then he chuckled quiet, turning his laughter louder. I watched him with curiosity. What the...
"Ohh, you will die. You will go to your damn deserved sleep and will never wake up again!"
He grinned at her maniacally.
"This is so funny..." He softly said licking the blood from his lips.
He was without question crazy...
Yay! Here it is! Part 3! ^3^
I'm sorry that you (the reader) doesn't have much to say in this chapter ^^'
I hope you like it ;-;

:iconjeffthekillerplz: (c) Creepypasta writers

Part 3 - YOU ARE HERE!
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